Patios, Pathways & Pergolas


A properly designed patio will be an extension of your yard and your home.  To really enjoy your yard and gardens you need a nice place to sit and relax.  A patio is not just a hard surface to sit on.  They can serve many functions.  Maybe a place to get in the shade and relax in a hammock hanging from a pergola or shade structure.  Gardens can also be integrated into and around the patio.  You can eat dinner outside and clip fresh herbs or veggies from the garden.  Outdoor kitchens and sinks can be built into the patio area.


We install our patios on a compacted stone base and then laid on a bed of sand or rock dust.  This ensures that the area will not sink over time.  We can build patios out of flagstone, or brick pavers.  With the flagstone you have the option of us fitting each stone in with an ~1/2” gap.  We cut each piece so that they fit together and there are no wide gaps that are only sand.  We can also mix flagstone and paver bricks.

Pathways leading to and from the patio can be built from flagstone, paver bricks, or mulch.  Pathways lead you thru the garden to different destinations.  They are the backbone of some landscapes and can be built to follow natural patterns. Pathways create the interaction, or edge, between people and plants.



Pergolas pair great with a patio.  On top of the pergola you can grow grapes or kiwi to provide shade for a patio or maybe a west facing window.  In the winter the leaves drop to allow sunlight in.  We build our pergolas out of local material.  We can design and construct rustic structures out of cedar poles, or a more finished look from oak.  We also can install metal roofs so you can use them in the rain.




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