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Permaculture is a broadly base concept of design and food production based on keen observation of the landscape in which we work and what succeeds in nature in general.  It strives to maximize the life capacity of a given place and since yield of a given place is theoretically unlimited, Permaculture is an on-going practice.  Practicing Permaculture creates a layered, webbed system, much like the human body, where every element within the system gives to and receives from many other elements.  The system continues to evolve as practioners adapt to observations of what works and what doesn’t, continually making the system more effective and productive.


What works to create abundance in nature works in the designs for our yard.  We draw on natural patterns in our designs (spirals, waves, mushrooms, branching, etc).  We increase growing capacity by layering plants (dwarf trees under canopy trees, shrubs under them, bulbs under the low growth).  We plant with rich diversity.  We minimize waste by making the problem part of the solution.DSC_0023

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