Tile Mosaic Murals

Imagine transforming an unused stuccoed wall in your home,  or in your landscape, into a unique piece of art.  Murals are a large part of New Mexican and Mexican culture.  Bard Edrington V studied the art of tile mosaics while living in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico.  There he installed numerous murals in the community.  His style is influenced by nature and folk art.  Each mosaic is as unique as each piece of tile that he hand cuts and places.  The designes are tailored to fit the client, the space and the landscape.  He uses colorful porcelain tiles that are attached using thin set and then grouted to create a durable long lasting mosaic.  Mosaics can be installed inside a home, such as a shower or kitchen, as well as outdoors on a landscape wall or around an outdoor kitchen.  Below are three examples of mosaics he has designed and installed.

” LA ONDA” La Onda Cerveceria Chacala, Nayarit

The design started with an original linoleum etching I made for the owners of La Onda Brewery.  It  then became apparent that it would make a great mural for their bar.

This piece was made in the studio in New Mexico and then transported to Chacala, Mexico.  The pieces are glued to fiberglass mesh and then mortared onto concrete board and installed on the wall.  This way the piece could be moved if need be.  

“VENADO AZUL”  El Jardin School, Chacala, Nayarit

Venado Azul was installed in a local school in Chacala in a space that the children would use daily to wash their hands.  The principal of the school wanted a large tree on the wall to give the children the sense of being in a garden or forest.  It evolved into a mango tree that was full of life both in the canopy and below.


The project starts with sketching out the idea on the wall with chalk.  The chalk lines are only a template, a mural like this changes every day and every stage.

Next the colors are chosen and the tiles are then shaped using tile snips.  Different shapes of tiles are made to convey different textures and forms.

As the project progresses the mural comes to life.  The blue deer is a common element in the local Huichol artwork and religion.  The children all liked the animal elements in the mural so a deer was chosen.

Around the mirror the design starts to become more dream like and the flowers transform in to swirls and spirals.

Once finished the tile is grouted with black grout to make the colors pop.





“CHACHALACA Y DORADO”  Mar De Jade Chacala, Nayarit


“DOS PAJAROS”  Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

Dos Pajaros was installed in a small courtyard garden that had a large back wall that felt very hard and dead.  The design was influenced by tapestry pieces that are found in the south of Mexico that have very rudimentary drawings of birds and animals.  These two birds are not any specific species but more of a blend of local birds.  They give the feeling of the wall moving and they pull the energy of the area up instead of it dead ending into the wall.

This design began as a sketch to get a feel of the size and placement of the birds.

Round pieces were cut to create different textures for the birds wings.



All of the white fill pieces were cut in order to create uniform grout lines.


Cleaning the wall to remove excess mortar before grouting.


Finished product.


“OM’S TREE”  Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

Om’s Tree was designed for a client who once lived in a tree on the beach.  She had a blank slate of a shower in her home that she wanted to make feel like she was showering under a waterfall.  The finished product was a jungle like atmosphere with a large tree and a stone cascade for the shower.

The shower floor.

The stone waterfall.